The Band

A Mod Covers band playing the best of the British Mod scene from the 60's to the present day encompassing The Who, The Small Faces &The Kinks thru to The Jam and Paul Weller.

Gary Sear - Vocals & Guitar


Technophobe Gary has trouble mastering texting and email and don't even bother to ask him what SMS stands for. Instead give thanks that he is the master of guitar and vocals and a lover of the 60's mod sound! Although he looks like he should be singing "Let's Get Ready To Rumble" as one half of Ant & Dec, he uses his talents to belt out numbers from his favourites The Jam, The Who and The Small Faces and shows his versatility with his Kinks covers. Constantly looking for more obscure numbers to add to the bands set list(suggestons welcome) Gary spends his spare time "Watching the telly and thinking 'bout his holidays". Gary says "I love the way the mod bands made each gig an event,not just how they played but how they looked". In fact, in matters of the cloth he is as fickle as can be, although he wishes Ben Sherman did a somewhat more forgiving fit!

Gear: Rickenbacker 360 , Epiphone Sheraton, Gretsch Anniversary. Vox AC30 amp.

(As well as being with the Faith Stealers, Gary tours regularly doing his own material which has been described as a cross between Paul Weller and Bob Dylan)

Ray Bayley - Bass Guitar & Vocals

The bands very own "Thunderthumbs"! Ray plays bass and provides backing vocals. He also plays with other bands in the North London area.

He says... " I am a big sixties music fan of either Atlantic, Tamla, or Stax records."
"Of the British groups, The Kinks and The Who are my favourites. The Kinks for their songwriting and The Who for the sheer energy!"

Martin Franklin - Drums

Martin's drum style and power have led to many comparisons with his 'alter ego' Keith Moon, not to mention the size of his KIT!!

He says... "Keith Moon does it for me every time!! FORGET SUNDAY LUNCH BLUES BAND BOLLOCKS, I wanna let rip and transfer that energy into the crowd. I want the punters to go home dripping in sweat!"

Nigel Golding - Keyboards & vocals

Varied best sums up Nigel! Described by his Jazz singing friends as an "irreplaceable and talented music partner,pianist & Svengali" Nigel has shown his musical versatility for many years. Charting with those immortal lines in the late 80's "I wanna be a drill instructor, I wanna cut off all my hair!".

He says ... "I remember crying when The Olsen Brothers won Eurovision for Denmark in 2000. Best thing from there since the Vikings!"
"Seriously, I'm massively into the power playing style of The Who and find the wonderful arrangements and harmonies of Ray Davies a real musical challenge."
"It's great to still see the crowds reacting in the way they do to songs that are 40 years old"

Gear: Korg CX-3